Conducting an audit requires strong regulatory knowledge as well as an aptitude for planning and good interpersonal skills.

Taking a course is the first step in achieving these objectives as it lays the necessary theoretical and practical foundations, but obtaining the certification of competence afterwards is an element of distinction that can also become a competitive advantage.

LHWC issues this certification to all those who have successfully attended a course for Auditor 19011 and have passed the exams as well as fulfilling the requirements, as per the standard.

Probitas, our partner for the provision of qualifying courses, has included a new path in its training calendar aimed at those who want to deepen or broaden their knowledge of the 19011 standard or to those approaching this subject for the first time. The course is also the first step to becoming a Lead Auditor, regardless of the certification scheme and the reference standard (ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and many others).

To find out about the dates and topics of the course, visit the Probitas website

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