FERMA RIMAP Certification

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The nature of the risk manager profession is highly linked to ever evolving risks and constantly fast- paced changes. Therefore the FERMA rimap certification has been designed as a continuous and dynamic learning path to respond to risk managers’ future educational needs.

The FERMA RIMAP certification is unique because it provides:

  1. an independent confirmation of your professional competences and experience
  2. European standard developed by European risk managers and recognized by FERMA’s 21 risk management member associations
  3. continuous dynamic learning path: earn CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points by participating to FERMA licensed events

The certification process has three stages:

  • request for certification and presentation of the requested documentation
  • verification of the requirements regarding education and professional experience
  • evaluation of the documentation related to the examination process

Following the above analysis, LHWC certifies candidates as described in the FERMA RIMAP Standard and enters them in the Register of Certifications, available on the website.

The certification of FERMA RIMAP Risk Professionals has a duration of three years; the renewal requires evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and that professional requirements are maintained.


  • Up-to-date CV
  • Evidence of payment of certification and/or FERMA association membership fees


Entry level, for theoretical knowledge in risk management (students or persons with no effective experience in risk management):

  • A passing grade in the RIMAP exam

Professional level, for practical knowledge in risk management with a minimum of 3 years experience in the field:

  • A passing grade in the RIMAP exam
  • 3 years, even if not continuous, in the 5 years preceding the request for certification and / or upgrade

Advanced level, for experienced risk management professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in the field:

  • A passing grade in the RIMAP exam
  • Evidence of having participated in the FERMA advanced workshop
  • 10 years, even if not continuous, in the 15 years preceding the request for certification and / or upgrade

Risk Management experience includes related fields such as insurance, law, audit / finance, health and safety and business continuity. 1 year of experience represents the equivalent of 12 full-time months.


In order to upgrade a certification from Academic level to Professional, or from Professional to Advanced level, candidates must provide LHWC/FERMA with objective evidence of employment in risk management for the required period.

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