LHWC is a Swiss institution synonymous with rigor, professionalism and balance in decisions.

LHWC is an independent certification body that operates in compliance with the regulations in Switzerland and the countries where it is active.

LHWC’s mission is to certify skills, products and services in compliance with predefined standards and best practices in the sector, also in areas not yet coded.

Why us?

LHWC is a body that takes full advantage of the reputation and the many years of experience of its promoters in various fields, especially in the world of certification but also the development of new methodologies and innovative operating processes.

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Banca Dati delle figure professionali certificate

Attraverso la Banca Dati puoi cercare i professionisti in possesso di un certificato in corso di validità rilasciato da LHWC. Puoi effettuare la ricerca tramite la maschera qui sotto e filtrare i risultati per figura professionale, nominativo, provincia e settore di appartenenza.


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An LHWC certification of professional competences makes it easier for professionals to validate their career paths and knowledge.

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Auditor 19011 Certification

Conducting an audit requires strong regulatory knowledge as well as an aptitude for planning and good interpersonal skills. Taking a course is the first step in achieving these objectives as…

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FERMA RIMAP Certification

LHWC is Ferma’s partner for RIMAP European Risk Management Professional Certification. The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) is the representative organisation of the risk management profession at European level.…

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