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LHWC - innovating the tradition

LHWC, Lighthouse Worldwide Certification, is an independent certification body that operates in compliance with the regulations in Switzerland and the countries where it is active.

LHWC’s mission is to certify skills, products and services in compliance with predefined standards and sector best practice, also in areas not yet coded.

LHWC guarantees the reliability and integrity of its certification processes through the use of innovative technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, which guarantee independent checks, integrity of the data and the maximum stability and transparency of the certification processes and of the management of the registers, ensuring and instilling trust in the stakeholders.

LHWC is a Swiss institution and is synonymous with rigor, professionalism and balance in decisions.

TrustCert® - the LHWC method

The LHWC methodology is based on three fundamental elements, coordinated and interconnected with each other:

LHWC operates in different areas of the certification world and has defined the implementation processes based on the logic of ‘lean organization’: the procedures are streamlined and easy to apply while maintaining extreme effectiveness . This contributes to ensuring the correctness of the processes, thus allowing to develop ad hoc services for customers in a very short time and to implement the already consolidated services in an efficient and stable manner.

LHWC is open to the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence and this allows to: provide stability to processes; collect and process the necessary data in a transparent, efficient and reliable manner; conducting truly independent evaluations.

Finally, the professionalism and experience of the staff allow us to listen carefully to the needs of individual customers to carry out ad hoc projects as well as to acquire the necessary data and objective evidence useful for certify the possession of the requisites required by the various standards.

TrustCert ® allows to LHWC to operate in the world of certification in different areas and in different product sectors.

The certification process is simple, easy, complete and reliable.

LHWC is based on periodic and continuous verification of compliance with the requirements of specific certification standards and, to this end, it collects and stores data and objective evidence through stable and transparent processes supported by suitable technologies that improve the degree of reliability for customers.


LHWC brings innovation into tradition but this is not the only reason to choose us.

LHWC is impartial in evaluations that are supported by quantitative and qualitative analyzes transparent and unchangeable.

LHWC accepts assignments that it can carry out in full compliance with its values ​​and principles (formalized in the Code of Ethics) and, moreover, does not undertake commitments that it does not believe it can carry out without conditioning and without the level of professionalism required.

LHWC is independent and expresses objective evaluations as supported by the combination of information obtained from data collected and processed with innovative solutions and according to best practices, and by the professionalism of its staff.

LHWC is strict in compliance with internal procedures and applicable regulations and this both for consistency with its values ​​and to guarantee its customers and stakeholders.

LHWC is fast in grasping needs, in building your own templates of verification, in implementing linear processes, in anticipating changes and in updating one’s professionalism and competence.

LHWC is a third millennium institution that avoids the inefficiency of bureaucracy, and has made innovative solutions its lighthouse.


LHWC has regulated its certification activities with the issue of specific standards which aim to regulate the relationships between the Body and those who request the certification of professional figures, defining the certification process

Before submitting the application for certification of skills, a thorough reading of the standard is recommended, where it will be possible to obtain information about the processes, the minimum requirements, the examination process, the assessment criteria, the issue of the certification and the maintenance of the itself

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Control body

LHWC guarantees impartiality and integrity with the establishment of the Technical Committee and the Safeguarding Committee of Impartiality, with the aim of ensuring proper operation.

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Code of Ethics

LHWC has deemed it appropriate to define and formalize the Code of Ethics as a compendium of the rules, values and guiding principles adopted and to which a positive value is recognized.

To view the entire Code of Ethics, read here