Innovating the tradition

LHWC provides independent certification and verification services that certify, through a third-party evaluation and without any restrictions, the requirements defined by a public or proprietary standard.

LHWC operates in three main areas:

Certification of competences

  • LHWC certifies the professional competence of a person in accordance with a specific Regulation that can refer to a standard (eg ISO , EN, BS, SA, SNV…) or to a proprietary specification specifically created for a company, a trade association or an organization. Typically, the certification of skills certifies the possession of the requisites of professionalism, experience, specific preparation and requires the passing of ad hoc exams.
  • LHWC certifications are an advantage because they allow companies to meet specific requirements required by reference standards or regulations and, last but not least, to enhance its staff, make them more satisfied and therefore more productive and loyal. In the same way, it allows professionals, such as lawyers and tax consultants, to validate their professional paths and their knowledge by making them explicit to third parties. LHWC certifications, demonstrating the possession of specific qualities, allow professionals and companies to differentiate themselves on the market as well as to have new development opportunities by accessing a restricted and high-level professional network. In addition, the rigorous process of validating the requirements for certification guarantees stakeholders and the market in general on people’s professional skills.
  • The general regulation for the certification of competences is available here

Certification of management systems

  • LHWC certifies management systems in accordance with a specific set of regulations that may refer to a standard (e.g. ISO, EN, BS, SA, SNV, etc.) or to a proprietary specification specifically designed for a company, trade association or organisation.
    Management systems enable organisations to achieve high levels of performance and meet business objectives. Their certification ensures their compliance and relevance to companies and their stakeholders.
  • The advantage of LHWC certifications is that they ensure that companies meet specific requirements demanded by reference standards or mandatory regulations, attest to the added value of management systems and, last but not least, enhance the company’s image, products and services.
  • LHWC certifications allow organisations to have an internationally recognised reference, to differentiate themselves in the market, and to access new development opportunities by becoming part of a narrow, high-level professional network. Furthermore, the rigorous validation process of the certification requirements assures stakeholders and the market of a high level of quality of the company’s processes, products or services.

Certification of products and services

  • LHWC certifies the compliance of services and products with the requirements defined in public regulations (eg. ISO, EN, BS, SA , SNV…) or to a proprietary specification specifically created for a company, a trade association or an institution. The certification of products and services requires compliance with a dedicated Regulation that defines how the required requirements are verified.
  • The certification of products and services may be mandatory in order to operate in certain markets as well as to market specific products but it can represent a fundamental differentiating factor to be able to acquire and exploit a competitive advantage in an arena characterized by strong competition. The certification of services and products can also be a fundamental element to combat counterfeiting as well as to define a clear market positioning.
  • The regulations for the certification of services and products are subject to confidentiality constraints of our customers and, in any case, always satisfy the principles of the LHWC Code of Ethics.

Independent evaluation

  • As part of the certifications, the independent evaluation consists of a documentary and application audit conducted according to the requirements agreed with the customers. Since this is also a personalized service, it can be provided to verify that a company area operates in accordance with defined procedures, as well as to assess the risks and criticalities of a supplier or to verify the ability of a supply chain to guarantee the operational continuity of the customer or, again, compliance with defined service levels or the ability to meet established contractual requirements.
  • The independent evaluation has the advantage of maintaining the requirements of objectivity and verifiability of the results thanks to the application of TrustCert </ span> ®
  • The regulations for independent evaluation are subject to customer confidentiality constraints and, in any case, comply with the principles of the Code of Ethics LHWC.