LHWC is Ferma’s partner for RIMAP European Risk Management Professional Certification. The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) is the representative organisation of the risk management profession at European level.

Thanks to this exclusive collaboration, in addition to the key RIMAP Certification partnership, new projects and interesting innovations are emerging thanks to the synergies between the two entities

The nature of the risk manager profession is highly linked to ever evolving risks and constantly fast- paced changes. Therefore the FERMA rimap certification has been designed as a continuous and dynamic learning path to respond to risk managers’ future educational needs and to stay up to date on the latest risk management trends and strategies with a continuous professional development programme.

The LHWC partnership allows participants to have an independent third party certifying professional skills and experience.

To find out about the dates and topics of the course, visit the Ferma website and our certification page