Let us attest to our skills and make them public

The certification of competence is a benefit for companies and professionals because it objectively and independently certifies the knowledge and competency required to carry out a profession.

Furthermore, by certifying one’s skills, one is entered in a constantaly updated public register, which can be consulted by those looking for a specialist for their business or company: this is also a significant plus.

“Innovating tradition” is our claim and we are faithful to this in all our work: to ensure independence, integrity and immutability of data, we rely on blockchain technology which strengthens and guarantees the correctness of the qualification process. Blockchain technology ensures the reliability and transparency of data through the use of cryptography and does so permanently, without the possibility of future tampering.

LHWC, as a third party organization, issues the certificates of competence for a number of professions:

Auditor in line with the ISO 19011 standard

231 Auditor

231 Supervisory Body

231 Specialist

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