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Innovating tradition

LHWC has entered into a partnership agreement with Probitas S.r.l., an Italian educational  academy and with Portale 231, a blog for sharing the culture of compliance. This strategic partnership has made it possible to offer Probitas customers an excellent service and very advantageous economic conditions.

The catalog of Probitas courses, traditional, online and mixed, is available on the company’s website, where the dates of the different sessions and the packages (course plus exam) are also indicated. At the same time, the partnership offers LHWC increased visibility in the Italian market and to spread its approach to certification, which combines tradition with innovation.

Auditor 19011 Certification

Conducting an audit requires strong regulatory knowledge as well as an aptitude for planning and good interpersonal skills. Taking a course is the first step in achieving these objectives as…


FERMA RIMAP Certification

LHWC is Ferma’s partner for RIMAP European Risk Management Professional Certification. The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) is the representative organisation of the risk management profession at European level.…